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Dermal Fillers

We are one of the very few practitioners who use an Auto Injector which is regarded to be less painful than the traditional method and give uniform and precise results. We use only the top brands and the finest products (mainly Teosyal range) in the market to achieve the following: -

  • Lines on the face, particularly around the lips including smoker’s lines
  • Lines in the area between the lips and nose and cheeks which can sag and need plumping
  • Lip enhancement –contours and increases volume of lips (Lip Volumisation).
  • Cheek enhancement- give you a youthful looks

As with Botox, you can have the treatment within 15 to 20 minutes, leaving very minimal or no bruising at all, yet giving you a freshened up, revitalised and younger look. The above treatments are very popular and are also known as nonsurgical face lifts.

The diagrams shown above show the areas where treatments can be administered.

Dermal Fillers work in three possible ways: -

  • They refine and reshape the natural facial contours. With age our lips become thinner and they lose their contour. Lip edges are broken up by fine lines caused by pursing of the lips. A dermal filler will restore volume to the lips and at the same time redefine the lip border from the rest of the face.
  • Revitalises your skin resulting in reduction orsoftening of lines, wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines as shown in the diagrams below.
  • Lifts and restores lost volume to the cheeks and chin for a gentle lifting affect. A younger looking face has a rounded contour, high cheek bones and very defined jawline. Aging causes the soft tissues of the face to lose their volume and skin starts to sag, pulling the features downwards. Dermal Fillers help to restore the hollow cheeks and add volume to the upper part of the face giving your face a fresher and younger triangular look.

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